eQooder powered by evway: a new Electric Customer Experience

Geneva, 5 March 2019

Route220 is at the Geneva Motor Show with Quadro Vehicles to present the new complete and integrated electric drive solution: eQooder powered by evway.

The synergy between the eQooder, the new electric vehicle signed by Quadro Vehicles, and evway, the most reliable professional App for electric drivers – developed by Route220 – aims to promote sustainable mobility in Europe, improving the Electric Travel Experience of Quadro’s users.

For the occasion, the evway App and KeyHanger have a personalized graphic, tailor made for Quadro’s users.

With evway the charging stop can become a positive and active experience for Quadro’s users, that leads to discover the surrounding territory, its artistic beauties, its culture, its traditions. The evway App, in fact, not only maps more than 200,000 charging points in Europe, monitoring them to check availability in real time, but it also reports all points of interest near the charging stations – museums, shopping centers, hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants – allowing the eQooder’s user to plan his stop according to his needs.

In addition, thanks to interoperability agreements with more than 120 European partners, all eQooder’s users can travel all over Europe without worries, activating and paying for charge on over 80,000 points, just using their App or KeyHanger.

“evway flips the way of understanding the electric journey” – says Franco Barbieri, founder of Route220 – “Through this collaboration with Quadro Vehicles we can demonstrate how electric travel can really be an opportunity of discovery. The goal is to provide increasingly innovative digital services to our customers – hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, public administrations, companies, the retail world – and to those who drive electric!”.


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