evway – New App Release

evway – New App Release

With this version we have introduced new features to improve your user experience, making the charging process even safer, faster and with added value.

To guarantee even more security, we have introduced the two-factor user validation: correctness of the email and verification of the mobile number via SMS.

We have also updated the available languages, with the introduction of Portuguese and Dutch, in addiction to the 5 languages already existing (Italian-English-Deutsch-Spanish-French).

But the real news is about the charging session.

With the new update, you are informed in real time about your charging session. Every change of state is communicated to you: session authorization, start of charging, end of charging and session ended. 


Authorized Session and Start charging


As soon as you have connected the car to the socket and you start the session, you will receive a notification regarding the authorization of the session.


With charging stations of operators who share the data, after a few minutes, you will receive a second notification relating to the actual start of the recharge.

End of charging and Session ended


With charging stations of operators who share the data, when the charging is finished or interrupted, you will receive a notification that warns you that the flow of energy between your car and the charging station is finished.

Once the session is over, you will receive one last notification with the details of the session just ended.






And to help you to correctly use the charging stations, we send you notifications before your time runs out and the rate changes.

Rate change


30 minutes before the rate change you will receive a notification in order to have time to free the parking spot and make it available to other users.

After 30 minutes, a second notification will be sent to notify you the actual rate change.






Session details


In the appropriate section within the Profile area, you can view:

  • the duration of the recharge and the duration of the session
  • consumed ladybugs
  • kW absorbed
  • start and end date of the session
  • the charging graph for the operators sharing the data
  • the notifications sent to your smartphone during the session




We remind you that our assistance service is active as usual:


  • the number +39 02 600 60 220 is active 24/7
  • the chat is active from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday


What are you waiting for? Download the new version of the App and get ready to travel throughout Europe with evway as soon as this period ends.




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