Bolzano, once city of merchants, is today also city of art, show, culture, exchange and vacation. We have planned a tour that includes the most important places and museums of Bolzano, to give you a view of the city and its history.







Walther Square


Piazza Walther von der Vogelweide is the main square of the city: here take place every year many events and festivals, including the famous Christmas Markets. At the center of the square you can see the statue of Walther von der Vogelweide, built in 1889. Piazza Walther is located in the city center, near other points of interest like the Cathedral, the Portici and the train station.




The Cathedral overlooks Walther Square and is a gem of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

Did you know? The legend says that the statues of the two lions come alive during the night: when one night at midnight a boy tried to show his courage by putting an arm into a lion’s mouth, the animal came alive and the boy got stuck. In the morning the lion had turn back in stone and to free the boy people had to break the lion’s mouth.That is why one of them doesn’t have the jaw anymore.


Dominican Church


Not far from the Cathedral we find the Dominican Church and the cloister, whose walls were decorated with beautiful frescos. Unfortunately the Church had been seriously damaged during the World War II. Today we can still admire the Madonna and Saints by Haus Stotzinger from Ulm (1404), the Madonna Enthroned by a Veronese school artist (1379) and Four Saints by an artist from Martino da Verona’s school (1400).


The "Portici" and Piazza delle Erbe


In Via dei Portici you can see the medieval shopping arcades and the original center of the old city: the houses are colorful and different one from each other. This Street leads to Piazza delle Erbe, the place where the market of fruits and vegetables takes place.

Did you know? Every year on August 10, during the so-called “Notte di San Lorenzo” (the Night of St Laurence), in Bolzano all kinds of wines are served, along with tasty sweets and a nice atmosphere.


Victory Monument


In Victory Square there is the Victory Monument, whose history is explained in a permanent exposition, to help people remember, understand and not forget.


Maretsch Castle


Maretsch Castle is located not far from the city center: surrounded by vineyards, it houses conferences, exhibitions and events of all kind. The castle is not open for visits, but we recommend to reach the near Talvera Promenade, to enjoy an incredible view over the city.


South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology


The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology is the home of “Ötzi”, a well-preserved natural mummy of a man from about 3300 BC: along with original finds, there are also models, reconstructions and multimedia presentations, showing Ötzi in the context of the early history of the southern Alpine region. The body is held in a climate controlled chamber replicating glacier conditions in which it was found.




Museion is a museum of modern and contemporary art with over 4,500 works of art: during the year it hosts temporary shows featuring current, high profile artists from around the world, but also a wide range of children’s activities. During the summer a series of projections on the building’s facade can be viewed. Museion also offers a free guided tour every Thursday evening.


Runkelstein Castle


Built in 1237 on a rock, the castle houses splendid frescoes depicting scenes of courtesan life, chivalric competitions but also the story of Tristan and Iseult and the adventures of King Arthur. It is by far the greatest and best kept collection of profane frescoes of the Middle Ages. The cultural events that featured regularly in the castle are also very interesting.







Parkhotel Luna – Bolzano

Historic walls and individual comfort combine in the Luna Mondschein Parkhotel to create a unique atmosphere. Documents show that is was first referred to as “Taverna Manschein” in the Middle Ages, making the Luna Mondschein one of the oldest inns in South Tyrol. Warm hospitality is of paramount importance here. In 1789, the Mayr family acquired the building that their descendants run as the Luna Mondschein Parkhotel today, retaining the feel for its historical heritage.
A special gem is the annex connected to the hotel, which was the original building of the Mondschein Hotel. Its historic structure including arcades and vaults encourages relaxation especially for those who love old buildings. The beautifully decorated rooms offer wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, and the center of Bolzano/Bozen is right on the doorstep.

At the hotel you can charge your electric car!