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Electric mobility places new opportunities and new challenges on the fleet manager.


The difficulties of structuring and managing an electric fleet, in fact, are as challenging as the benefits deriving from this choice are important.


evway by Route220 is an excellent support tool both for fleet managers and for company employees as with the proprietary platform it allows the Fleet Manager to manage and monitor the fleet and with its App acts as a support for the company drivers.

evway offer
Charging Station

Compact, reliable, simple to use and equipped with advanced connectivity features, the charging stations – for two and four-wheels vehicles – are integrated into the digital platform and are interoperable. Activation by the App, the presence sensors and interlocked sockets guarantee intrinsic safety to the equipment, in compliance with the regulations… Read more

Control Panel for the Fleet Manager

The company can use a useful tool to monitor the charging sessions of its employees and to receive a unique monthly billing:
• Web-based control panel with charging sessions information
• Statistics data on employees’ charging behavior
• Monthly reporting on charging

Front-end services for company drivers

Final users get all the information and services offered by the evway App to access the charging service in a simple, intuitive and fast way.
• Mapping and information on available charging points
• Activation of charge through App or KeyFob
• Use of eMX, the navigator to electric drivers

Management without thoughts

The evway management platform allows the Fleet Manager to monitor every single charging session in real time, obtaining complete and detailed information about place, kWh, charging times, consumption associated with the single car or company driver.

If the company also purchased  the charging stations, these are included in the evway platform: remote assistance is guaranteed 365/24/7 through a telephone number dedicated both to the Fleet Manager and to company drivers. The platform also allows the Manager to extract reports of the station’s usage and data about all charging sessions.

Cumulative Invoice

Thanks to the management platform, companies can request a single cumulative bill instead of multiple invoices for each employee. With a Corporate agreement, the company has access to a control panel that shows all charging data of its employees, can set usage thresholds and know the consumption of its own fleet in real time. The charging sessions are reported and invoiced periodically according to the needs.

Single support tool for the company drivers

The company driver accesses the charging service easily and quickly. The app is identified as the only access point for the use of all interoperable stations of the operators – over 100,000 points across Europe, with a real-time display of the status of each point. The charging sessions are accounted at the end of the month directly to the company: in this way the driver does not have to worry about being without ladybugs – credits needed to charge.



eMX is the first navigator for EV-Drivers. By activating the eMX assisted navigation function, inside the evway App, you will get not only the information about the road to follow, but you will also visualize the available charging stations around you while you are moving. In this way the driver doesn’t need to exit the App to rely on external browsers: he has in a single App both the information relating to the charge and those relating to navigation.


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