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Equip a residential facility with charging atations, improve the living experience of the co-owners and allow to give value to the “image” of the facility, differentiating itself from others.


Our “no-worry” package dedicated to residential facilities, with specific products and services for condominiums, is designed to meet the needs of this type of facility with the aim to offer an electric experience even at home.


Offer your co-owners a complete and reliable charging service… choose evway.

The evway offer
Charging Station

Compact, reliable, simple to use and equipped with advanced connectivity features, the charging stations – for two and four-wheels vehicles – are integrated into the digital platform and are accessible to all co-owners. The presence sensors and interlocked sockets guarantee intrinsic safety to the equipment, in compliance with the regulations… Read more

Management Platform

The evway management platform offers important benefits in terms of user management and service provided. The administrator can use a useful tool to monitor the charging sessions of co-owners and to extract reports of the station’s usage:
• Web-based control panel with charging sessions information
• Statistics data on stations use
• Monthly reporting on charging

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Management without thoughts

Thanks to the management platform, the administrator has access to a control panel that shows all charging data of co-owners: he can know the consumption of each session, filter data by housing unit/co-owners and extract reports of the station’s usage. In this way he has the possibility to split the energy costs between the co-owners based on the consumption of each of them. Through the evway platform, remote assistance is guaranteed 365/24/7 through a telephone number dedicated both to the Administrator and to co-owners. The platform also allows to balance the energy demand of stations on the basis of the available power.