evway gives value to your charging time.

evway turns your charging stop into a positive experience that brings to the discovery of the territory: the evway map in fact shows you the points of interest near the charging station you are using – museums, hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants and so on.


With evway your charging stop becomes discovery, fun, nature, life.

Access to the Network

evway can be considerd the most complete and reliable European network. Thanks to the interoperability agreements with all mail European operators, the EV-Driver can activate and pay the charge on over 100.000 plugs in the whole of Europe, with just the evway App or KeyFob.


The evway App shows all charging stations for cars and ebikes in two separate maps, and it also maps the points of interest near the stations. Furthermore, facilities that have a charging station are indicated with special markers for their product catogory, so that can be easily identified on the map.


To travel in complete peace and security you can request the evway KeyFob, an RFID card associated with your profile, that you can use instead of the App to start and pay the charge on all interoperable charging stations in Europe.

Customer Care

Our team is available 365/24/7 to assist you during the charging process and to answer all your questions.

evway App
evway advantages

eMX is the first navigator for EV-Drivers. You don’t have to plan your trip and charging stops in advantage: by activating the eMX assisted navigation function, inside the evway App you will get not only the information about the road to follow, but you will also visualize the available charging stations around you while you are moving.

evway Travel Network

evway Travel Network is a portal dedicated to the electric driver, where you can find touristic facilities that own a charging station.  Here you can also find routes suggestions, see the points of interest of the territory and visualize public charging points.


With evway your charging pause can become a positive experience, a chance of personal enrichment. In the specific area of the evway App dedicated to the enhancment of the charging time and the discovery of the territory, you can find the available coupons, active and future promotions of evway’s partners.

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