Interoperability: keyword for the development of Italian Tourism


According to Eurostat, 2017 was a positive year for European Tourism.

Italy – together with French, Germany and Spain – occupies leading positions, with a number of nights spent in a tourist accommodation higher than the European total value (5,4% vs 5,1%).

Half of the tourists who chose Italy are Italian, the other half is composed by tourists from all over Europe.

Foreign tourists, often reach Italy with their own vehicles: camper, motorbikes, cars… electric cars too.

Electric cars market is indeed exploded and the number of ev-drivers keeps increasing, just like the number of “adventures”, not always pleasant, that await them around Italy.

That being said we need to think: European tourists are ready to reach Italy with Electric cars, but are we ready to welcome them?

Do we have the appropriate infrastructures to allow them to travel “without worries”?

In this situation, characterized by a tourism boom and by the growth of Electric cars’ market, INTEROPERABILITY becomes of primary importance: this is a concept European ev-Drivers are used to , since it allows them to easily access the charge infrastructure without restrictions depending on the Operator that provides the service.



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