Italy is increasingly blue!


From today, Ocotber 26th, 2018,  thanks to the interoperability agreement between Enel X and Route220, you can use the evway App or your Keyhanger to activate and pay for the service on over 2.000 Enel X’s charging points.

Interoperability concerns only the infrastructures managed directly by Enel X: the charging stations of the sub-CPO partners are not included in the agreement at the moment.

To facilitate your EV-Experience even further, we are maintaining our TIME tariff for all interoperable charging stations that can be activated through evway App or KeyHanger.

The tariff is:

  • 1 ladybug per minute for 3A sockets;
  • 2 ladybugs per minute for Type 2 sockets < 3,7 kW;
  • 5 ladybugs per minute for AC charging stations;
  • 35 ladybugs per minute for FAST* charging stations.

24/7  Technical assistance at: + 39 02 600 60 220.

As far as possible, we have always tried to safeguard the right to recharge of all EV-Drivers and therefore, each and every available and working station, is to be considered a valuable and accessible asset.

How many times have you arrived to a charging station and found the place occupied by another electric car that, done with the charge, was still there parked, not allowing you to recharge?

By this tariff we believe that we can contribute concretely to the reduction of this inconvenience.

Now… with evway travelling in ITALY is even easier!

We remind you that some charging stations of our network have special tariffs, always verify the prices on the App!

Have a good trip!

* FAST charging stations can only be activated through the App.