Management Platform

The evway platform offers a moltitude of useful and easily accessible tools that simply the management of the charging infrastructure.

The services of the evway management platform are suitable both for public charging station and for those private.


Discovver services and advantages of the evway platform for a management without thoughts of your charging infrastructure.

Remote management of the charging station

Thanks to the evway platform, the charging station can be managed remotely. In this way, the evway team monitors your charging station and alerts you in the event of malfunctions or breakdowns, intervening, where needed, for start, stop, cable release and column reset.

Charging sessions management

The platform allow to set and to monitor information of each single charging session - station, time, kWh delivered, user -, to set charging tariffs and metrics, to manage the payment and the billing to the final user. IThe platform also allows you to extract reports of the station’s usage and data about all charging sessions.

Roaming services

Thanks to the interoperabily and peer-to-peer agreement with the main European, Italian and local networks, your charging station is accesible to all European EV-Drivers through App or cards of third-party.

Promotional page

Thanks to the propietary management platform - App, website, map -, businesses that offers the charging service for electric vehicle - two and / or four wheels - are indicated in the evway App with a dedicated marker and have a dedicated promotional page with details and direct contacts - website, email, telephone.

evway advantages

The activation methods and the charging payment rates can be changed at any time according to your needs. Likewise, you can update and change the promotional page of your facility at any time.


The interoperability and peer-to-peer agreement with the main European networks, allow to see and activate your charging stations not only from the evway App, but also from others European Apps belonging to the networks. Thanks to the partnership with important car manufacturers, the evway charging stations, also, are visibile on navigators of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

Customer Engagement

The evway platform allow you to promote your charging station on the evway App through a specific marker by product category and a promotional page. In this way is easier for those who drive electric to identify tour facility on the map.