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Jeff Bezos

Doesn’t your facility have a charging station, but it is near a public charging station?


With evway, even without your own charging station, you can become a reference point for who those who drive electric: choose the innovative promotional tools signed evway e make the stay of those who dirve electric in a unique and interactive experience.


E-Bikers and EV-Drivers will choose to spend they charging stop at your facility if they know that there are offers and promotions dedicated to them here.

evway offer
Specific marker

The facility that is near a public charging station is shown with a specific marker by category – hotel, restaurant, museum, touristic attraction, parking, etc.

Promotional page

A promotional page of the facility with details, offered services, images slider and direct contacts – email, phone, website. The facility also is shown in the slider of the page of the charging station.

Servizi di promozione

The evway promotion and visibility services meet the needs of the various businesses near a public charging station thanks to the possibility of customization. For example, a facility near a public charging station can offer a promotional coupon or a free charge on the proximity charging point… Read more

Customer Engagement

Promuoversi su una mappa dedicata a chi guida elettrico, permette alla tua attività di attrarre nuovi clienti – EV-Driver ed E-Biker. While not offering a charging service, your business becomes a reference point for those who want to charge their vehicle and enhance their charging stop.


The evway promotional services allow your facility to promote itself in a innovative way. The evway platform guarantees maximum visibility to your facility through a specific marker by category, a descriptive promotional page and many different promotional services.


You can update and modify the promotional page of your facility at any time. Promotional services are activated ad any time, for a specific target or place and are totally customizable according to your needs.

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