Reporting by: Fabrizio   Location: Ivrea (TO)   Discovery: Garda Museum   Experience: I often pass through Ivrea and it is precisely here that my favorite station is located, that in Piazza Freguglia. The Garda Museum stands nearby and the first time I stopped to recharge, I


Somma Campagna

    Reporting by: Anna   Location: Somma Campagna (VR)   Discovery: Osteria del Fil de Fero   Experience: I was on a trip with my friends when we realized that we needed to recharge the car. At that point we chose to stop at the nearest station which


Moso in Passiria

  Reporting by: Franco   Location: Moso in Val Passiria (BZ)   Discovery: Cascate di Stieber   Experience: I left Merano and decided to reach the Romb Pass, one of the most beautiful in the Dolomites. Along the way I stopped in Moso in Passiria, precisely in the