We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” 

Jeff Bezos

A charging service can improve the customer experience of your clients.


They are willing to spend more time in your store if they know they can rcharge their car while shopping. Consequence: your activity is preferred over others and becomes the reference point for electric drivers.


Our “no-worry” package will allow you to offer your customers the best charge experience, with minimal effort. Trust in evway and offer the best customer experience to your customers.

The evway offer
Charging Station

Compact, reliable, simple to use and equipped with advanced connectivity features, the charging stations – for two and four-wheels vehicles – are integrated into the digital platform and are interoperable. Activation by the App, the presence sensors and interlocked sockets guarantee intrinsic safety to the equipment, in compliance with the regulations… Read more

Management Platform

The evway management platform offers important benefits in terms of user management and service provided: the platform tools, in fact, allow you to manage the payment and monitor the information relating to the charging sessions. Moreover, through roaming services, the platform allows visibility on other European platforms… Read more

Promotional Services

The evway promotion and visibility services meet the needs of the various commercial facilities thanks to the possibility of customization. For example, shopping center that instal a charging station can promote in its page on the App 5 shop of the shopping center with a dedicated page with direct contacts… Read more

Customer Engagement

The evway platform offers many digital marketing services, which can be activated at any time and for the desired duration, to attract new customers – EV-Driver and E-Biker. Offer a charging services for electric vehicles increase the time your customers spend in the store and expand the range of services that your business offers. With a charging station for electric vehicles, your business becomes a reference point for those who want to enjoy the shopping and to charge their vehicle.


The charging infrastructure and the promotional tools connected to it allow your facility to promote itself in an innovative way, differentiating itself from competitors and enhancing its brand image. The evway platform guarantees maximum visibility to your activity through: the specific marker by product category on the map, the descriptive promotional page of the facility and visibility on car navigators and on the main European platforms dedicated to charging services.


The activation methods and the charging payment rates can be changed at any time according to your needs. Likewise, you can update and change the promotional page of your facility at any time.


Management without thoughts

The charging station is managed through the evway platform. Remote assistance is guaranteed 365/24/7 through a telephone number dedicated both to you – Manager/Customer – and to electric users. The platform also allows you to extract reports of the station’s usage and data about all charging sessions.

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