Riva del Garda is the central point of the area Garda – Trentino. A beautiful landscape and sunny beaches characterize this city, the perfect place to spend some days relaxing and enjoying life.




Inviolata Church

The Inviolata Church, built in an elegant Baroque style in the 17th century, was commissioned by Gaudenzio Madruzzo and his wife Alfonsina Gonzaga as a place of pilgrimage, keeping an old shrine – that was said to be miraculous. The church is in an elegant Baroque style: on the outside it is square shaped, the inside octagonal, with five altars, vaults with frescos and stuccoes, confessionals in carved wood and marble pavements.

Porta di San Michele

Porta San Michele is one of the old gates that used to link the town with the outside world. It already existed in the 13th century, but was largely rebuilt in the mid-19th century, following the orders of the podestà Luigi Antonio Baruffaldi.


The Rocca dates back to the agreement made in 1124 with the bishop Altemanno, when the citizens of Riva were granted the right to build a new fortress on the lake shore. It underwent a radical transformation in the mid-19 century, when it was turned into an Austro-Hungarian barracks and lost all its medieval and renaissance features. Today it is the location of the Museo dell’Alto Garda.

Apponale Tower

The tower, 34 metres high, rises on Piazza III Novembre; it was built in the XIII century with stone conches of different measures and in 1555 a storey was added to the tower. After the complete restoration in 2002, it is possible to walk along the 165 steps that take you to the summit, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the lake.

Marocco Quarter and San Rocco Square

The Marocco Quarter is an area of fascinating narrow laneways and traditional houses which in the past were homes  to craftsmen. Here is also San Rocco Square: the “piazza” bears the name of the church dedicated to San Rocco and built to honor an oath made by the community after the plague of 1512. The church was damaged during the First World War.


The Bastione is a fortress located at the foot of Mount Rocchetta, dominion of the city and the Lake Garda. It was built in the early XVI century to guarantee more security to the underlying village and its inhabitants and was destroyed in 1703 by the French troops. t’s about 30 minutes walk from the port of Riva, along a road that winds through the black pinewood of Rocchetta.

Santa Barbara Church

If you are in the mood for a longer walk we suggest you to go to the Church Santa Barbara (75 minutes walk), that was built in 1935 by the miners that worked on the conduits of the Ponale plant.

The Lakeside

If you rather do something more relaxing, a walk on the lakeside is exactly what you need!





Hotel Villa Magnolia – Torbole sul Garda

Hotel Villa Magnolia is a touristic facility in Torbole sul Garda, only 4 km from Riva del Garda. The hotel is located in a quiet area, near the city center and the beach, where important international windsurf clubs have their main centers.

If you are an hotel guest, you can charge your car for free!