Jaguar Land Rover: a new Electric Customer Experience signed by evway


Route220 signed an agreement with Jaguar Land Rover to simplify and make the Electric Customer Experience unique for their clients. Thanks to evway’s interoperability with more than 120 European partners, Jaguar Land Rover’s Ev-Drivers will use branded App and KeyHanger to activate and pay the service on over 70.000 charging points in Europe.

The aim is to semplify the travel of Jaguar Land Rover’s EV-Drivers and to give value to the I-Pace’s charging time: the stop becomes a positive and active experience to discover the territory, its artistic beauties, its culture, its traditions. The evway App, in fact, in addition to mapping all the European plugs and monitoring them to check availability in real time, shows the EV-Drivers all nearby points of interest (museums, shopping centers, hotels, toustic attractions, restaurants…), allowing the Jaguar Land Rover users to schedule charging stops on the base of their needs.

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