Route220 launches the first crowdfunding campaign dedicated to e-mobility


Milan, October the 31st, 2017.

Route220, main private Italian operator in the e-mobility field and leader in the field of charging stations’ management and installation, yesterday, October the 30th, introduced the first Italian crowdfunding campaign in this filed:  through WeAreStarting, a Consob licensed platform, every investor, private or professional, will contribute to the development of e-mobility in Italy and Europe – and will also benefit from it.


The launch event took place yesterday at the Hotel Milano Scala with the participation of many investors, interested in the topic. In the meeting took part Franco Barbieri, Route220 Founder and President, Carolina Solcia, Route220 Founder and AD, Andrea Farinet, University Teacher and Socialing Institute Chairman, CarloAllevi, WeAreStarting Founder and Operations Manager and DiegoBrachetti, Manager of Hotel Milano Scala.




Route220’s idea is simple and brilliant: to connect charging stations with many different services, aiming to promote territories, commercial activities and hospitality businesses that welcome ev-Drivers, a high-spending-target interested in environmental topics and sustainability.

The project is the first and only private investment in Italy for the management of a charging network, based on an innovative business model that involves different local stakeholders.

“Often I hear people talking about the need of sustainable mobility, connecting this problem to Public Administration, as if it were a Municipality’s responsibility”, says Franco Barbieri “Today Route220 offers private and professional investors the possibility to contribute to the development of e-mobility, becoming partner of a company with an impressing track record – 125 charging point installed – and with a management system based on its own digital platform”.

Currently in Italy the electric vehicle market corresponds to 75 million (euro). Projections indicate that the sales of electric vehicle will have a constant growth in the next years, reaching 3 million in 2021. According to Bloomberg, worldwide electric vehicles’ sales within 2040 will exceed the half of new cars’ sales (54%) and the percentage of electric road vehicle will be 33% approximately. “On the one hand researches are clear, claiming that electric vehicles represent the present and the future of the automotive field worldwide. On the other hand, nature is sending clear signals. Just think about the small particles clouds that only few days ago covered Milan and Turin or the hurricane in Nord Europe. We have to do something; it can’t be postponed” says Carolina Solcia.

Route220 operates as licensed, indipendent and interoperable Charge Point Operator; it has currently installed 125 charging points in Italy, distributed between the Provinces of Mantua and Trento, the city of Turin and some prestigious touristic places in the Dolomites. evway services are based on the technological platform, that allows to map all charging stations, that are available on a free app and monitored 24/7, to verify their real time status and availability. The Open Platform, interoperable with more than 40 European operators, that manages and employs in roaming more than 18.000 charging points in Europe, guaranteeing, also to occasional tourists, a simple access to the charge and, at the same time, promoting the beauty of territory and the tourist facilities in proximity of a charging station.

“Carolina and Franco are undertaking an important venture: to bring an Italian company to excel in Europe as platform for electric mobility. Help them financing their crowdfunding campaign, to become stakeholder of clean air”, Andrea Farinet.

Communication: Anna Ruttone