The Sustainable Development Goals - evway's commitment

evway for the sustainable development

The 17 Global Goals for the Sustainable Development were approved in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly  with the aim to guide and measure the contributions of States, civil society and private sector to sustainable development towards 2030.


These goals are a call to action for the whole world:  the intent is to reduce poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

evway is a spokesman for these goals, seeking, through its own activity, to promote the sustainable tourism, using energy from renewable sources and protecting the environment.
For this reason we proposed our project on Tourism for SDGs portal, the platform developed by UNWTO.

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The evway goals
7. Affordable and clean energy

We use only clean and certified energy from renewable sources for all public charging stations in our network. This contributes not only to the Goal 7, but also to the Goal 13 in relation to the Greenhouse gas emissions indicator.


We also believe that our activity can contribute to the reduction of the Final Energy Consumption in households pro capita. This indicator measures how much electricity and heat every citizen consumes at home excluding energy used for transportation. In which way? Thanks to the Vehicle To Home Technology that allows you to provide your home with the energy stored in your electric car. In this way you can optimize the energy consumption between car and house.

The Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 7 Icon: Affordable energy - evway's commitment
The Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 9 Icon: Industry, innovation and infrastructure - evway's commitment
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We are constantly striving to offer both business customers and final users innovative, complete and reliable services: we do this by investing daily in R&D (Gross domestic expenditure on R&D by sector indicator).


We also contribute significantly to the reduction of the Average CO2 emissions per km by new passenger cars in a given year indicator as we have a company electric fleet. Business trips and transfers take place entirely by electric vehicles or public transport. With this indicator we contribute also to the Global Goal 12 and 13.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

We believe in the sustainable urban development, promoting the sharing economy and the spread of electric vehicles and travellers as a chance to improve the environment.


With our business, we encourage the development of electric mobility through the installation of charging points. This over time leads to a reduction of PM10 in the air with a consequent improvement in the city’s air pollution and a better quality of life for citizens (Exposure to air pollution by particulate matter indicator).


In particular, we can see from the below chart how during years 2011-2017 there has been a drop in the air particulate. This is mainly due to the advent and growth of electric mobility.

The Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 11 Icon: Sustainable Cities and Communities - evway's commitment
Air Pollution Graphic Eurostat - evway for SDGs
Source: Eurostat - Exposure to air pollution by particulate matter - The chart refers to the 27 European countries.
The Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 12 Icon: Responsible Consumption and Production - evway's commitment
12. Responsible Consumption and Production

We manage resources with common sense, avoiding unjustified waste and adopting behavior based on economy and efficiency.


We actively contribute to this goal, as well as to goal 9, through the indicator of Average CO2 emissions per km from new passenger cars. The company has an electric fleet that is used daily by collaborators for business travels.

13. Climate Action

We strive daily to make sustainable choices, reducing consumption and CO2 emissions and impacting the infrastructure and our services as little as possible on the territory.


In particular, we use only clean and certified energy from renewable sources for all public charging stations in our network (Greenhouse Gas Emission Indicator – it’s the same indicator of the Goal 7) and even for this goal we contribute to reduce the Average CO2 emissions per km.

The Sustainable Development Goals - Goal 13 Icon: Climate Action - evway's commitment