Even if it’s the main city of the region, Trento can easily be visited by walking. Architecture, culture, art and folklore combine to create a perfect match.







Cathedral of Saint Vigilius

The Cathedral of Saint Vigilius is located in Piazza Duomo and was built in the 13th century. The interiors are decorated with beautiful frescoes and refined marble balconies above the altar.Did you know? Trento Cathedral is very famous because it was the seat of the Council of Trent (1545) and of the Bishopric of Trent, a former ecclesiastical principality that existed until 1803.


Nettuno Fountain

This fountain located in the Piazza Duomo was sculpted by Francesco Antonio Giongo from Lavarone. For this fountain, the sculptor created a continuous water flowing system, without interruption. The original statue is kept in the court of the municipality, while the one that stays on the fountain is a 1942’s copy in bronze.


Palazzo Pretorio

The Palazzo Pretorio used to be the Bishop’s residence until the 1250s. Together with the Torre Civica it is one of the main features of the striking Piazza Duomo in Trento. Erected in 1220 by the Prince-Bishop Federico Vanga, the palace used to be the seat not only of the Bishops of Trento, but also of the Municipality, the Podestà and the Courts as well. Today, Palazzo Pretorio houses the prestigious Museo Diocesano Tridentino.


Torre Civica

Built before the 11th century, the tower increased in height several times. With its big clock, it accompanies the flow of time in the square. However, the tower was used in the past as a city jail and it still houses the Campana della Regna, the bell that used to call the arengo, or public assemblies and death sentences, which were carried out in Piazza Duomo beneath it.


Buonconsiglio Castle

The Buonconsiglio Castle is the residence of the Prince Bishops and symbol of the city of Trento. It is made up of parts built in different ages, being a reference point for different architectural styles and art movements. Today, the castle is also a museum (Provincial Museum of art) hosting every year some very successful exhibitions.



The MUSE is not just a museum, but a place to reflect on the relationship between nature and man, that fascinates every visitor with its “special effects”. Here you can also touch with your own hand fossils and minerals, use the microscope or go into the large greenhouse with plants from Tanzania.Did you know? The creator of the Muse is the starchitect Renzo Piano, famous all over the world!


Monte Bondone

Monte Bondone is also called Trento’s Alp. Located in a central position, as the city of Trento is, Monte Bondone offers a spectacular view of the mountain ranges and peaks of whole Trentino. Mount Bondone is the ideal place for hiking and mountain biking, horse riding, hang-gliding and paragliding, but it also offers a wide range of  walking opportunities on the mountains.


Castle and Lake Toblino

This is one of the most famous castles in Trentino. It owes its fame to a unique location and the beautiful environment that surrounds it, but also to the many dark legends that found a fertile ground to originate and grow in that park and among those walls.


Christmas in Trento

Warm lights, the wooden houses and the fairy-tale atmosphere characterize Trento’s Christmas Market. The festive atmosphere and the candidly white snow are the perfect backdrop to the crafts and the food and wine specialities that you will find here.











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