Before the final release of the new App, with all the exciting and exclusive eMX features, we would be happy to have the collaboration of some beta-tester.  Ideally, they are evDrivers from every country in Europe or US, that use daily their electric vehicle, that want to support with their honest and enthusiastic feedbacks and tests the product validation phase, suggest new development and upgrades of the electric Mobility eXperience concept.  We have ways to reward your efforts !

A beta-tester will be bound by a NDA to be signed and be aware of the legal consequences of sharing in any way or on any social platform: info, images, product specs and any other confidential info about the tesing process.  It’s easier to understand what we mean than to write all the legal clauses, isn’ it ?
If you are not willing to respect these rules please do not put forward your application, just wait for the approved version to be made available to the public very very soon. Thanks

The eMX is currently available only for IOS.

Beta-tester application

Are you willing to participate in this fun yet challenging process?

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