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To access and use the evway contents, you have to create your account or, if you already have one, sign in.

Select your Country and the type of account


Select  your country and the type of accounts.

You can choose between:

  • Private if you are a private user
  • Business if you need the invoice
  • Corporate if you are a company with many employees and wnat to receive a unique invoice – to set the corporate profle you have to contact the evway team.
  • PA if you are a Public Administration

Complete your Profile



Complete your Account entering the required data: data are necessary to manage the transactions and to handle the billing.



Data with the asterisk are mandatory and blocking.

Two-Factors User Validation

To guarantee even more security, we have introduced the two-factor user validation: correctness of the email and verification of the mobile number via SMS.




To activate the charge you have to buy the credits, our Ladybugs, using your Credit Card, your Paypal Account or the innovative Apple Pay and Google Pay.

To activate a charging session on a station with charging fee, you must have a credit > 0 Ladybugs.

To activate a charging session on a station without charging fee, you must have a credit ≥ 0 Ladybugs.

You can never activate a session with a credit < 0 Ladybugs.

Buy Ladybugs


Go in the Profile area and click on “Buy” to purchase Ladybugs.



Select the amount of Ladybugs you want to buy.

Pay your Ladybugs directly from the App using your favourite payment methods.

You have to enter the details of your payment method only once: this way your payment is easier and more immediate.


You find all information HERE



The “KeyFob” is a RFID keychain that allows you to charge your vehicle in thousands of charging stations in Europe. 
If you want to receive the KeyFob, tap on “Request a KeyFob” and we will send you one.
 When you receive it, please fill the field with the
 EVCO-ID code to activate it.


Here you find your personal information, your KeyFob, the amount of Ladybugs, your sessions and your e-invoices.

Charging Stations

In light blue are indicated the smart and interoperable charging stations that allow to activate and to pay the charge using the evway App.

In grey are indicated the not-interoperable charging stations, that can be activated with different systems.

Charging Stations are indicated with different shades of grey and blue depending on the power delivered.

The charging stations located in hospitality facilities, commercial activities or tourist attractions are marked with specific markers by product category. In these cases iwe suggest to view the details of the charging station on the App because the station’s accessibility may depend on the opening hours of the structure.

Charging Stations Status


Markers of smart charging stations – the blue ones – indicate the charging station status throught colored circles:

  • Green circle: station is available
  • Blue circle: station is occupied
  • Red circle: station is in maintenance

Find the charging stations


“Charge your… (vehicle) – the map, in which you can see all European charging stations, doubles with a car map and a map for e-bikes and e-scooters, to facilitate the search of the most appropriate station. Move around the map to see all charging stations or click on the lens to find a specific location.

Charging stations details


Once you have found the charging station, select the marker to see the address, the distance and the details of the available sockets.

Click the arrow on the right to see the status and the power of the charging station, possible access time, activation modes and payment modalities.



To start the charging with the App:

  1. choose the charging station
  2. click on START
  3. choose the socket
  4. wait for the activation notification
  5. insert the cable within 30 seconds
  6. now make the best of your time


To start the charging with the KeyFob:

  1. choose the charging station
  2. pass your KeyFob on the sensor
  3. insert the cable within 30 seconds
  4. now make the best of your time

End the charge


To end the charging with the App:

  1. go back to the station
  2. click on STOP
  3. remove the cable


To end the charging with the KeyFob:

  1. pass your KeyFob on the sensor
  2. remove the cable

Notification - Charging Status

Authorized Session and Start charging


As soon as you have connected the car to the socket and you start the session, you will receive a notification regarding the authorization of the session.


With charging stations of operators who share the data, after a few minutes, you will receive a second notification relating to the actual start of the recharge.



End of charging and Session ended
With charging stations of operators who share the data, when the charging is finished or interrupted, you will receive a notification that warns you that the flow of energy between your car and the charging station is finished.


Once the session is over, you will receive one last notification with the details of the session just ended.


Rate change


30 minutes before the rate change you will receive a notification in order to have time to free the parking spot and make it available to other users.


After 30 minutes, a second notification will be sent to notify you the actual rate change.


In the “Session” section within the Profile area, you can view:


  • the duration of the recharge and the duration of the session
  • consumed ladybugs
  • kW absorbed
  • start and end date of the session
  • the charging graph for the operators sharing the data
  • the notifications sent to your smartphone during the session


Charging time - GMT

The GMT time – Greenwich Mean Time – is the abbreviation that identifies the reference time zone of the Earth. The Italian time is GMT + 1 when the solar time is adopted – therefore during the winter – and GMT + 2 when the summer time is adopted – in summer.

The time you display in the “active sessions” area depends on the time sent by the charging station operator who can refer to different time zones.

The duration of each session is always correct and is given by the difference between the time of the end of the session and that of the beginning of the session.

In the Profile area, if you click on Sessions, you can view the list of your sessions; all the information relating to each session presents the GMT time.

Travel Network


All facilities of the evway network are shown on this map with different markers by product category for a faster search. Each network facility is presented with its own page full of details on services offered, information of the charging station, opening / closing times, slider with images and direct contacts to the structure (email-phone-web site).

POI - Point of Interest


On the map you can see the points of interest (POI) of different categories that are near the charging stations: the information page shows the contacts and the pictures of the POI, but also describes its features and the services provided.


You can filter the charging stations and the POI according to different attributes:

  • category
  • activation mode
  • power
  • socket type


When you use the App fot the first time, for default there are filters that allow you to see only the interoperable stations, that you can activate by the evway App or KeyFob.

Activate Notification

Enable the evway App to recieve notifications:



  • go to “settings” area on your smartphone
  • click on “Notification”
  • select the “evway” App
  • click on “Show notification”


















  • go to “settings” area on your smartphone
  • click on “Notification”
  • select the “evway” App
  • click on “Show notification”


eMX – Assisted navigation mode



Click on the eMX button on the top of the map and start to use the assisted navigation mode.

Enter destination

Click on the “search” icon to enter your destination.

Click on “GO” to start the assisted navigation.



On the bottom of the screen you can see the expected arrival time (ETA), and Km and time missing to the arrival.

The track is in blue and it highlights possible traffic, in red or in orange according to its intensity.

Charging stations list


The side list shows the nearest stations to your current position.

Each box has a marker that indicates the category of the station and if it is AC or DC.

The symbol of the gift means that the station is free of charge; the banknotes indicates a station with a charging fee.


By clicking on one of the boxes, it will display the charging station’s details with the localization and the available plugs.

By clicking on “Start Navigation”, the assisted navigation mode drives you to the selected charging station.

Navigation mode

The eMX also shows the postion of available nearby charging stations with respect to your direction of travel.

This occurs in two ways:


Free navigation

This navigation mode is on when you don’t set a destination.
In this case, by clicking on the eMX button, the navigator shows all nearby and available charging stations around you while you are moving, even those that are behind your direction of travel.


Navigation with destination

Setting a final destination eMX not only shows the route with the directions to follow, but it also indicates all available charging stations in front of you – considering an angle of 45 ° of amplitude – while you are moving; in this case stations that are behind you are not indicated.

Map's icons

Many icons are shown on the right of the navigation screen; from the top to the bottom you can see:

  • speed and speed limits – where available
  • possibility to show the entire route
  • your current position
  • possibility to activate and deactivate the sound
  • search
  • settings



By clicking on Settings you can select filters and modify the navigation settings.

You can also choose the display mode of nearest charging stations on the screen.